Thursday, May 7, 2009

One more to the wedding party

Here's my flower girl!!! what a honey!!!

House Buying is the house-buying tale. andrew and i had been searching high and low for the right house for us. he wanted to move to the star prairie/new richmond area...i was opposed to that. i wanted to stay in the amery area because then at least one of us would be able to make it to work almost every day without having to worry much about vehicular situations...well...we weren't finding anything and weren't finding anything. the few houses that we did look at all turned out to be something we would never be able to get financing for or else they became unavailable the next day. i was finally like, ok, we really just need to get andrew moved out and find a place that we can both be happy with and that isn't going to cost us a lot and that both of us like. so i looked at a whole bunch of different web sites to try and find more to look at.

i found this one. it's in new richmond, wisconsin. it is a half hour from both amery and hudson-meaning a half hour drive for both of us. yuck. but it is what it is and i have to be happy with what God provides for us. so we went and looked at this house and i wouldn't say fell in love with it, but we all knew, including our realitor, that the house was for us.

at this point, i have to sign some papers and take them to our realitor. basically the house is ours because the bank has accepted our offer and now we are just working the finishing details out.

so that is where we are at right now. we basically have a house. i don't think that i have actually let myself admit it to myself because i still am not like jumping out of my skin excited about it and you would think i would be...but...that's the skinny so far. i haven't told many people yet. keep it in prayer though.