Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Kitchen

This is my favorite part of the house I think!

This is my purse hook!


Here are some of the inside of the house...just the downstairs though.

Living room-we are making this side like a den of sorts.  I am going to make cushions for the bay window!  yay!
We are having a print of an engagement picture printed to put in the frame...and the book case probably will not stay there, but for now it is filling up space nicely.
MMM!!!  Green bathroom!  I likey!  haha!
I ADORE this bay window!

Andrew's free leather couch.  Nice!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kayla's mom updating her blog...

We wanted to post pics of the house. Kayla closed on the house on Friday, June 4th...just 3 months before the wedding. We moved Andrew in, did some painting, panelling, and cleaning over the weekend. The Lord provided a renter for the summer. A friend who will be leaving for college right before the wedding.

Welcome to our home!

It has been fun seeing Kayla choose colors and arrange things. What really brought me mom-joy was her priorityin purchasing plants to hang on the front post...It is fun to see her do things like me...know what I mean?

Kayla's aunt Angie said she wants to hang her umbrella on the mailbox! :D
Back door guests enter here...

Still need's to be mowed and cleaned up. The garden shed needs siding on the front...but cute isn't it?

Old garage...

I found a caribou coffee on the way to paint... =D Kayla made the arrangement from my gardens...